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kev and ang

Room From Home is run by a husband and wife team. We moved to Northampton over twenty years ago, and during this time we have lived in four different houses and moved from one side of the town to the other. We have two teenage sons, and both of them were born at Northampton General Hospital.

Angela is a primary school teacher, and has been teaching all of her working career. Her biggest input into Room From Home is with the interior design of the properties. The choice of furniture, soft furnishings, paint colours, carpets, tiles and general accessories are all Angela’s work, and the end result is to make the properties feel like a home rather than just a house.

Kevin’s career has been in the motorcycle industry, but he’s now turned his full attention to Room From Home. Kevin sources and checks the suitability of the properties, and then works with trade professionals to refurbish them to the high standard expected by our tenants.

Kevin is also responsible for ensuring that the properties constantly meet the criteria set out by the local Borough Council and, furthermore, as a professional landlord, to achieve full accreditation with recognised landlord organisations, and to continue with development and training on their ongoing accreditation schemes.

Rather than using agents we have always had direct communication with our tenants, and we think the tenants prefer it this way. It also means that we have a naturally closer relationship with them, and this has greatly added to the enjoyment of being their landlord and landlady. Some of our tenants are only with us for a year or so, but we still continue to have contact with many of them, and that’s very rewarding.


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