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The rental prices for all our rooms include the following facilities & utilities:

Keys to the property: general front and rear door keys, and a room key that is specifically for your room only: other tenants do not have access to your room, and vice versa.

Your room: fully furnished room, self closing fire door with your own dedicated lock and key, a minimum of two double plug sockets, radiator with adjustable thermostat, TV point and wireless broadband.

Communal areas: full use of kitchen, kitchen facilities and white goods, living/diners with TV satellite package and landline telephone (emergency use only), bathrooms, cellar and rear garden facilities.

General household items: for example, iron & ironing board, vacuum cleaner, dust pan & brush, washing line.

Utility bills: gas, electric, water, council tax, wireless broadband & TV license for communal living areas. You will need to purchase your own TV license if you use a TV in your own room, and it is highly recommended that you take out your own insurance to cover your personal belongings.

Pricing: all the rooms are different in size, shape, furniture and furnishings; therefore the prices for the rooms are also different. However, a general guideline is that they vary between £360.oo per calendar month to £450.oo pcm (with the exception of our self contained apartment: price on enquiry).

The following table breaks down the monthly rental figure into a weekly figure (as there are more than 4 weeks in every month): this may help you with any weekly budgeting figures.

rent conversion
£ Monthly Rent £ Weekly Equivalent
£360.00 £83.08
£370.00 £85.38
£380.00 £87.69
£390.00 £90.00
£400.00 £92.31
£410.00 £94.62
£420.00 £96.92
£430.00 £99.23
£440.00 £101.54
£450.00 £103.85
£460.00 £106.15


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