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Finding a suitable place to live can be a daunting prospect even at the best of times. However, when a home search is linked to a new job, and in a new town, it can become a very stressful and worrying time. Many questions are asked, and more often than not many are left unanswered: where are the nicer places in town? How far is it to my workplace? Which places should I avoid? How much does accommodation cost to rent? What will I need to buy for the accommodation? Where are the shops, banks, places to visit, decent restaurants, social clubs and the train station? The list goes on..

Room From Home is a husband and wife family business. Our aim is to provide medical professionals with fully furnished accommodation in an ideal location, fully equipped with modern appliances and facilities, but more importantly to provide a safe, secure, comfortable and enjoyable home to live in.

Our approach to our Tenants is personal and professional. Everyone deals directly with us, and we strive to attend to their requests as quickly as possible. While many may only be working in Northampton for a short period of time we like to think that they leave Northampton with fond memories of their time in our accommodation and of the town.

But it is down to our Tenants as to the real reason why this website was born.

Over the years the questions that we have been asked, along with brilliant suggestions, thoughts and ideas, have all helped us to have more of an understanding and appreciation of the needs of our Tenants. Hopefully, as a result of their input, many more of the above questions can now be answered on this website.

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