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emlas logo  

East Midlands Accreditation Scheme
Saxon House, Heritage Gate, Friary Street, Derby. DE1 1AN
Tel: 01332 256301                             

The East Midlands Landlord Accreditation Scheme (EMLAS) focuses on the management standards and knowledge of the landlord rather than just the property standards, although successful accreditation is only achieved when the property and the landlord’s management are both believed to be in full compliance with the standards of the EMLAS scheme.

The scheme is designed to recognise good landlords and to help them differentiate themselves from less reputable landlords in the property market place. As well as its own inspection and accreditation procedures EMLAS also verifies with local authorities (in our case Northampton Borough Council) that you are a reputable landlord who does not have a history of enforcement issues, and where required all necessary legal documents (such as licences granted by the authorities for Housing in Multiple Occupancy) are in place.

NLA logo  

National Landlords Association
22-26 Albert Embankment, London. SE1 7TJ
Tel: 0207 840 8900                

The National Landlords Association (NLA) is the leading association for private residential landlords in the UK. NLA Accreditation is based on landlord development and is a national scheme that all tenants in England, Scotland and Wales can recognise as a mark of quality.

To maintain NLA Accreditation status the landlord must subscribe to a Code of Practice and to continue with ongoing training and development courses.

Accreditation is vital to Councils for a number of reasons and it demonstrates that you are a professional landlord to your tenants. Tenants are also encouraged to verify that their landlord is a member of the NLA, and additionally if they are an accredited landlord, by using the NLA verification register on their website.

my deposits logo  

Kingmaker House, Station Road, New Barnet, Herts. EN5 1NZ
Tel: 0844 980 0290                

Since April 2007 all Landlords and Agents who take a deposit from a Tenant on residential property in England and Wales under an Assured Shorthold Tenancy (AST) agreement must protect the Tenant’s deposit in an authorised deposit protection scheme.

My|deposits is one of three government authorised deposit schemes. On receipt of your deposit the Landlord has a maximum of 30 days to protect and register your deposit (although this can be processed online with my|deposits in no time at all).This process generates a unique Deposit Protection Certificate which the Landlord gives to you. This is proof that the deposit is protected. The certificate details also allow you to go online to my|deposits to check that your deposit is protected.


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