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‘Living in Victoria Road was great; not just because of my flatmates but also because of the landlords. They are great, they have been as a family for me; every time I needed something Kevin was with me, he is really kind and loves his job and you can see in every little detail which makes you feel at home.’

Iune, Nurse

‘Living at Victoria Road has been fantastic. The fact that bills were included was such a weight off my mind, at a time when I was starting my first job as a doctor which was stressful enough, so it was great to have that one less thing to worry about.
My room and the house were very well decorated to a high standard and you get a lot of useful furniture included such as shelves, a mirror, lamps, iron and ironing board, vacuum cleaner, washer and dryer, widescreen TV with virgin media catch up too which was great.

Kevin was himself exceptionally helpful as a landlord. He was always available and bent over backwards to help us. He and his wife were so friendly and inviting that it did feel like a home with someone looking out for you and with someone there you could call in an emergency.

Many thanks for being the best landlord I've ever had and I wish you well for the future.’
Theresa (F1)
‘Thank you for the lovely home you have provided over the last 6 months: I have had a fabulous time living at number 16.’
Emma (Children’s Nurse)
‘To Kev & Angie; thanks for being great landlords.’
Caroline (CT1)
‘Thank you for having me as a tenant; it has been a great house to stay in!’
Maria (Occupational Therapist)

‘Kev and Angela are a wonderful couple. They pay attention to details in setting up and maintaining their properties.’


‘Thank you for being such a great landlord. You have made our year in Northampton enjoyable and comfortable.’

Leela, Krupa & Archana (F1)

‘Thank you very much for looking after us all and making us feel at home’.

Andrew, Nduka, Tanya, Natalia, Jayson (F1)

‘I just wanted you both to know that this is a happy house because of you both. We are lucky to have you as landlord/landlady, and we all appreciate your hard work and effort that goes into the house and providing us with a place we all call home !’

Tracey, Paediatric Nurse

‘Kevin and Angela are fantastic. Angela did an amazing job with the interior design of the house. Kevin is the best landlord that any of us have ever had. He is always approachable and contactable, fixing the slightest problems a.s.a.p.

Tanya & Jayson (F1)

‘Thank you for being a lovely landlord. We had a great year living in Ethel Street. Keep in touch.’

Aarti & Gary (F1)

‘After having rented my own flat for the first two years, it was becoming quite expensive and lonely not having known anybody when I first moved here, so I started the search for a house share. I knew what I was looking for:  somewhere that felt like a home, and not just a house with individual rooms. After a good month of searching I finally fell upon an advert that rented to medical professionals (sounded and looked too good to be true, if I’m honest).  I had a viewing with the landlord and I was taken aback by the standard and quality, and the best bit, it's just around the corner from work. The landlord was so helpful with moving and continues to be, it's as though nothing is ever too much bother for him. I felt at home instantly when I moved in and any issues are resolved as quickly and as smoothly as possible, without too much disruption to us as tenants. I certainly feel at home living here, and that is mainly down to the hard work of the landlords for making the house a home for us tenants, but also my housemates play a part in making it home.’

Kate (Physio t.i)

‘Thanks for being a great landlord. We have had a really good year and been very happy living in your house. We wish you all the best and thank you for your kindness.’

Vicky (CT2)

‘Our accommodation is an up to date, modern, spacious and beautifully decorated house. This six bed, three bathroom, two kitchen house is located 5 mins walk from the hospital and 8 mins walk to town: fantastic location! There is a large patio out the back: great to spend time in, in the warm evenings! This tastefully decorated (thanks Angela!) house is perfect for anybody working in the hospital, and we’ve thoroughly enjoyed our time here!’

Tanya & Jayson (F1)

‘This is the first accommodation in six years that my parents have approved of!’

Nduka (F1)
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